Our Story

The Cocoa Cartel began with a deep love for all things cookie dough, an appreciation for international desserts and a desire to spread gooey, chewy cookie goodness throughout the country.

When the world was thrown into chaos in a year that tested us all, I found solace in my kitchen, baking the most delectable treats for my children, who are obsessed with all thing’s cookie dough related. Gone were the days where we could travel and enjoy the most indulgent desserts abroad, but I was not about to give into the lockdown and settle for store-bought treats.

My appreciation for science together with my passion for rich and delectable dessert brought about the perfect, chunky chocolate cookie recipe. Loved ones and friends nudged me to turn this passion into a business. And so it began. I baked and baked to my heart’s content, exploring different flavours, and fulfilling the eager bellies of those around me. The cookies eventually became an addiction. We all couldn’t get enough. It was compelling, an unwavering desire. Almost… illicit. And thus bloomed The Cocoa Cartel.

As a mom of two, an engineer and a business owner, setting up The Cocoa Cartel has been a process. But as of January 2021, this is where my heart lies. It satisfies my craving and it’s a concept that feeds my soul. It gives me immense satisfaction to create decadent treats and receive feedback from people about the moments they savour, the pick-me-up treats they didn’t know they needed, just simply being transported to a decadent and indulgent world.

It’s why we truly believe that we do not sell cookies, we sell experiences.